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At Tiki  Healthcare Services, our mission is to enhance lives by delivering superior healthcare solutions. We recognize that achieving this goal requires strong collaboration with our supply partners. Together, we drive innovation, streamline decision-making, and accelerate the delivery of our services to market, all while maintaining a relentless focus on continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

  • Quality: We insist on the highest standards for all our products and services.

  • Ethics: We conduct our business with integrity and responsibility.

  • Sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our operations.

Building Trust Through Transparency:

Our partnerships are built on transparency, accountability, and trust. We believe in the power of trusted relationships, especially during times of change. Our dedicated team is committed to your success, working jointly to transform the healthcare industry and offer innovative solutions.

Challenging Conventions with Local Presence:

At Tiki Healthcare Services, we challenge conventional thinking by being present where you need us the most. Our local presence ensures that we are always available to support your needs and provide timely, effective solutions.

Suppliers partnership:

Clinix Health Group



Tiki Healthcare Services became the first black owned company to locally supply the new Azurion Clarity 7M20. The brand new innovative machine will sit comfortable at the Dr. SK Matseke Memorial hospital in Diepklood Soweto. 


The Azurion does not stand by itself in the medical industry, there has been over a decade of continuous innovations that have led to the development of the current system.    

The question is always: how can we improve even further?

And the answer to this was to place focus on workflow innovation with the patient experience at the center and to look at efficiency and integration of workflow in the angio-room.


The Azurion Clarity has a new imaging system which makes for a “better, safer and faster” workflow. With user experience centers reporting a 16% improvement in total lab time and 26% improvement in procedure time. This is possible due to the integrated  tableside controls, the ability to use parallel working and the integration of the personal work space that are of great benefit to the operator. Tiki Healthcare Services is glad to conclude that the new Philips Azurion system provides the tools for a better, safer and faster interventional radiology system workflow.


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