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Chinese business relations

TIKI Healthcare is your healthcare facility solutions provider. From planning to development and finished projects, from consulting to product sales and large profits. TIKI Healthcare Services is your reliable source for high quality services that positively touch the lives of patients. We care about all of our clients and want them all to succeed in order to further a fruitful business relationship. For this reason, we provide consulting services that are catered to our clients’ specific needs in order to raise clinical excellence, operational efficiency and financial profitability.



- Medical equipment and devices 

- Medical Consumables

- Medical Laboratories and specimen containers, reagents, sampling equipment etc. 

- Pharmaceuticals and hospital devices 

- Diagnostics (Point of care & Laboratory)

- Infrastructures and large scale projects

- General  Healthcare Development Services  - Introduction of modern technologies and strategies 

- Interpreting and Translation from English to Mandarin (Chinese) and visa versa

- Branding and Marketing

- African, Asian and American Business Relations and Opportunities

- Training, Clinical Resecrh Studies and Stats

Outsourcing Relationship

Where Tiki Healthcare Services requires additional skills and expertise, we will make sure we provide suitable technique in which businesses will entrust the processes of their company functions to external vendors. Outsourced services/vendors will be specialist appointed on consultation as sub-agents, with emphasis on health or related business expertise.



Our mission at TIKI Healthcare Services is TOUCHING LIVES, therefore during this critical global health crisis, our medical supply services and our international network play a critical role in saving lives. As a medical sales distribution and service orientated company for local and international healthcare manufactures, our only priority is supplying our clients with the best products available on the markets. 

Therefore we focus on:

- Excellent value through for price based on competitive national product sourcing

- Peace of mind through established supplier relationships, most with medical experince of over 25+ years

- Technologically advanced products that adhere to the required health and safety standards.

- All products are approved and adhere to the ISO manufacturing standards.

- Short Lead times  - approximately 3-10 days


Download our company profile below:

TIKI Healthcare Services Company Profile - Jan2020

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