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Palesa Mthethwa and Kopano Makino

Palesa Mthethwa

Communication Specialist

Palesa Mthethwa is the communication specialist for Tiki Healthcare Services.

Having spend over 6 years studying in China she is fluent in reading, writing and speaking Mandarin/Chinese. She has a vast international experience and has built a network of international suppliers mainly in Asia.


She brings to the team administrative and design computer skills, marketing, interpreting and translating documents, branding and liaising with international perspective clients and suppliers. Her understanding of the Chinese business etiquette characteristics are beneficial to the business as closing these deals will require more than just experience, but GUANXI (A relationship understood only by the Chinese).


Palesa’s duties includes identifying business opportunities in international markets, translating documents to English and interpreting between the two languages (English and Mandarin/Chinese).

Kopano Makino

Visual Communication Specialist

Kopano Makino is the creative and designer of the team. He creates designs for large scale projects, posters, billboards, packaging, logos and marketing materials all in relation to the Tiki brand using visual stimuli to best convey the businesses messages to our intended audiences.


Executive Director

Refiloe Moutlwatse is a woman who possesses over 20 years of unique and extensive knowledge within the healthcare industry. As a Bio-Medical technologist, she has vast experience in High to Low-Tech Medical Devices, Radiology, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory Diagnostics, Business Administration and Governmental consultancy.


She spent many years working for well-known multinational organizations where she built a strong network, varying from, local government to global private entities. Refiloe also obtained experience with direct and indirect solution sales, where she earned her reputation as a trusted advisor in healthcare solutions.


 Growing up in a medical background family, her passion has always been in the medical field. She has travelled and trained internationally giving her a better understanding of how international markets affect our local economy. She saw a need for a better healthcare systems within Africa, therefore she ventured into the entrepreneurial  healthcare industry in order to better the quality of Africa's healthcare industry leading her to found Tiki Healthcare services a subsidiary of Tiki Business Solutions in 2017. She also serves as a member to the Professional Board for Medical Technology in the Ministry of Health in the Republic of South Africa. Her vision is to offer Quality, Affordable Healthcare through Modern Innovative Technology for Better Healthcare outcomes for all.