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Professional Consulting

We are a black women owned medical sales distribution and service orientated company. The company has been operational as a trusted local distributor of medical equipment and consumables since May 2017.

TIKI Healthcare Services markets and distributes an established range of medical supplies, equipment and consumables to wholesaler, retail, institutions, government departments, hospitals and the emergency services industry. We offer the best medical equipment and solutions to the private and public sectors within South Africa and have national suppliers with a distribution network that covers the African and Asian countries.

Healthcare is rapidly changing, and TIKI Healthcare Services understands that a long term solution is THE ONLY WAY to approaching any challenge.

We focus our strategies on addressing the need for:

1. Continuous clinical research studies

2. Modernizing all local medical operations

3. Financial efficiencies on products and services 

4. Introduce new enterprise along with new business models

5. Maximize opportunities for local citizens

6. Minimize risks for healthcare providers and end-users

7. Equalize Education and Hospital infrastructures 

8. Modernize Africa's medical operational systems 

It is important that we collaborate with  local healthcare providers in order to deliver high-quality, accessible and affordably patient care. Thats why we see major opportunities in  applying our capabilities and competencies to ensure that the standard approach in the medical industry is always innovative, powerful, differentiating, relevant and truly meaningful in the areas of improving all aspects of global healthcare. 

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